Institut des Sciences Cognitives Marc Jeannerod

The dataset includes structural, resting-state fMRI, and task fMRI data from 8 monkeys.

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Macaca mulatta

Sample Description

Phenotypic Assessments

Scan Procedures and Parameters

Ethics approval: Projects authorized by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research (projects no. C2EA42-12100401002, C2EA42-2015090114042892 and APAFIS#8126-2016120910476056) in accordance with the French transposition texts of Directive 2010/63/UE, based on ethical evaluation by the French Committee on the Ethics of Experiments in Animals (C2EA) CELYNE registered at the national level as C2EA number 42.

Animal care and housing:

Any applicable training: Training on awake behaving fMRI visual and multisensory experiments

Detailed scan information and procedures can be found here

Scanning preparations

Anesthesia procedures: Anesthesia procedures: when applicable, intramuscular injection of ketamine (10mg\kg) followed by 1.5% of isoflurane.

Time between anesthesia and scanning: 20 mins

Head fixation:

Position in scanner and procedure used:

Contrast agent: MION

During scanning

Physiological monitoring: yes/no

Additional procedures: Anesthetized monkeys: ventilation/body temperature maintenance



1ISCMJ, UMR5229, CNRS-Université de Lyon, France




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